NSA conferences attract several hundred people each year. We hosted less than 100 when we begin 1984 in San Francisco, and close to 1,000 in Washington, DC in 2014. The conferences are filled with laughter, friendship, support, information, excitement, encouragement, motivation, new ideas, and new perspectives. We are a family, and we treat each other as such. Imagine being in a place where most everyone stutters. Where everyone understands what you’re going through. Where you can walk up to anyone and start a conversation. This place exists each year at the NSA Annual Conference.

Past Conferences:

342017 Dallas, TX
332016 Atlanta, GA (with ISA World Congress)
322015 Baltimore, MD
312014 Washington, DC
302013 Scottsdale, Arizona
292012 St. Petersburg, Florida
282011 Fort Worth, Texas
272010 Cleveland, OH
262009 Scottsdale, AZ
252008 Parsippany/NYC
242007 Atlanta
232006 Long Beach
222005 Chicago
212004 Baltimore
202003 Nashville
192002 Anaheim
182001 Boston
172000 Chicago
161999 Seattle/Tacoma
151998 Atlanta
141997 Buffalo
131996 Denver
121995 San Diego
111994 Cleveland
101993 Washington DC
91992 San Francisco
81991 Dallas
71990 Anaheim
61989 Philadelphia
51988 Houston
41987 San Francisco
31986 San Francisco
21985 San Francisco
11984 San Francisco

Conference locations are chosen based on geographical location (evenly split between east coat, west coast, middle), accessibility/ease of travel in and out of the area for all modes, attractions/tours/excursions for both families and adults, involvement of the local NSA chapter, and venue accommodations.