National Stuttering Association

If You Stutter, You Are Not Alone.

79 Million people stutter worldwide. The National Stuttering Association believes in a more accepting and understanding world for people who stutter.

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About each fund
  • General – Provides for day-to-day organizational operations and supports our local chapters as well as outreach, education and advocating for the stuttering community.
  • Research – Provides funding for advancing both knowledge and understanding of stuttering through, projects investigating the treatment, assessment, and research of stuttering. 
  • Liben Fund - Provide financial assistance for PWS who would like to attend our Annual Conference, but who face financial barriers in doing so. 
  • Fulcrum -This fund was created by a group of families dedicated to the stuttering community to inspire giving and fuel our movement that ensures that no one stutters alone. 

If You Stutter, You Are Not Alone.

79 Million people stutter worldwide. The National Stuttering Association believes in a more accepting and understanding world for people who stutter.


Through our extensive network of local chapters, the NSA provides community, empowerment and education for people who stutter.

In addition to providing local support groups and organizing an annual conference, the NSA is dedicated to educating the public through various initiatives while actively supporting research endeavors aimed at advancing our understanding of stuttering.

47 Years Of...

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Providing Education

Illustration of a hand stuttering as it catches three coins with dollar signs on them. The coins are shaded in a gradient of blue and purple, and the outline of the hand features a faint gradient of the same colors. The background is white.

Supporting Research

Icon of a stylized map with gradient colors from purple to teal, featuring five location pins connected by dotted lines. The map gives a sense of direction and connectivity, as if guiding you smoothly without stuttering along the way.

Connecting the Stuttering Community


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People Who Stutter

We provide support groups, which are a proven way to build self-confidence, practice speaking, and explore ways to cope with stuttering.
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The NSA is a source of support and education for families, including kids, teens, parents, and other loved ones.
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Speech-Language Pathologists

We provide educational information to SLPs on evidence-based practices.
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We provide financial assistance to college students who stutter, supporting their educational pursuits and advancing the mission of the NSA.
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If you stutter, you're not alone.

Stuttering support groups are a research-proven way to improve quality of life and develop a healthier relationship with stuttering.


You power our power.

We have three funds that make a dramatic difference – Choose the fund you are most passionate about. We thank you!


The stuttering community consists of some of the most talented & inspiring professionals you’d ever want to meet.

Aidan Marshall-Cort

Learn about Aidan’s story

Leigh Gaston

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Kazi Sarjana Safain

Learn about Kazi’s story


Monthly donors, creating an impact in the stuttering community.

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I choose to be a ChangeMaker so that the NSA is able to continue their work to find and embrace everyone who stutters but does not yet know that the NSA exists.”

– Allison D.

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“The NSA has had a radical effect on my personal and professional life. Through their programs, I have formed long-lasting friendships, developed confidence, and widened my worldview. I hope to continue supporting the NSA for as long as I am able.”

– Gabby P.

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“Our monthly support of the NSA helps to provide lasting, important resources and connections not just for us, but for the future generations of PWS who come after us.”

– Jean F.

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