Stuttering in the Workplace

The National Stuttering Association (NSA) is driven to improve the employment opportunities of people who stutter. Employers often overlook the true potential of people who stutter because of false stereotypes and misperceptions. People who stutter have the same drive, ambition and capabilities as their more fluent colleagues.

The We Stutter @ Work initiative from the NSA seeks to eliminate the many workplace stigmas to improve employment outcomes for people who stutter. Through a series of programs, the NSA is informing, inspiring and equipping people who stutter to improve their workplace opportunities.

Additionally, the NSA is educating employers about stuttering and encouraging companies to not only hire people who stutter, but also offer them leadership roles and paths for promotion, consistent with their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Mock Job Interviews

Free online job interview practice sessions to help you get hired for the job you want and deserve.


Learn practical ways to overcome workplace speaking challenges to make a bigger contribution at work.

1-Day Conferences

Potential employees will gain helpful career advice and employers will learn more about stuttering.

For Employers

Gain a greater understanding of how people who stutter can contribute positively to any company.