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Stuttering impacts millions of adults and children and their quality of life. Stuttering is also widely misunderstood, with conflicting theories and unsubstantiated claims for treatment programs. The NSA® is committed to enhancing the lives of people who stutter, educating the public, assisting speech therapists, championing research, and to reducing the stigma of stuttering.

If you are a reporter, writer, or producer working on a story about stuttering, the NSA can assist you with information, reasoned responses, subject matter experts, and people who stutter to interview.

Contact Information

For media inquiries, please contact Sarah Armstrong, Sarah@WeStutter.org or (224) 305-2701.

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Recent Responses and Issues

August 2020

NSA Adds to the National Conversation about Stuttering

Following Brayden Harrington’s honest and thoughtful speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, NSA board member Carl Coffey’s appeared on CNN Headline News to discuss stuttering, raise public awareness about stuttering, and celebrate the stuttering community. [More]

February 2020

NSA’s Response to Biden’s Town Hall

“One should never make mockery of those with disabilities, and we applaud former Vice President Biden for speaking up on behalf of those of us in the stuttering community,” said NSA Board Chairman Gerald Maguire, MD. “His town hall response serves as an example of the power of sharing your voice and story about a topic that is so misunderstood.” [More]

December 2019

NSA Response to Sarah Sander’s Tweet Taunting Biden’s Stuttering

The National Stuttering Association® took to social media to condemn former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for taking jabs at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden after the former vice president, who stutters, imitated the condition during a debate. [More]

March 2019

NSA Response to President Trump’s Tweet about Biden

The National Stuttering Association is extremely troubled by a recent tweet by President Trump directed at former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at an event in Delaware on Saturday, March 16, 2019. [More]

October 2018

NSA’s Response to Steve Harvey’s False Claims About Stuttering

An episode of Steve Harvey’s television show Steve included a segment during which Mr. Harvey discussed an audience member’s experience with stuttering.  During the conversation, Mr. Harvey was often critical of speech therapists and claimed that stuttering is “curable.” [More]

July 2018

NSA’s Response to Incident at a West Philadelphia Starbucks

The National Stuttering Association is extremely troubled by recent media reports indicating that a customer at a West Philadelphia Starbucks location was mocked due to his stuttering. Media reports indicate that a 28-year-old doctoral student named Sam who stutters was ridiculed by a barista verbally and in print on his cup. [More]

Subject Matter Experts and People to Interview

The NSA can connect you with subject-matter experts on the following topics and more:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Stuttering
  • Causes of Stuttering
  • Stuttering and Mental Health
  • Scientific Developments in Stuttering Research
  • Evidence-based Therapies
  • Perspectives on Living Life as a Person who Stutters

The NSA oversees a network of nearly 200 local self-help support groups for adults and children who stutter. Our organization reaches thousands of people who stutter. Each of their stories are unique, meaningful, and incredibly inspiring. The NSA can connect you with a person who stutters to add a personal perspective to your article, radio segment, and or television interview.

For example, here are a few recent stories sharing the perspective of living life as a person who stutters.

NSA Branding

The NSA isn’t just a non-profit, we’re also a brand. Our brand standards help people to recognize the NSA whenever they see, hear, or interact with us.

For guidelines on everything from logos to language, please see our Brand Book (updated 5/2022).