Employers often overlook the true potential of people who stutter because of false stereotypes and misperceptions. And, people who stutter routinely face workplace stigmas resulting in diminished employment opportunities and career advancement roadblocks.

We Stutter @ Work is an on-going initiative from the National Stuttering Association® (NSA). Its purpose is to educate employers about stuttering and how people who stutter make for great hires as well to prepare people who stutter for career success.

The NSA® anticipates hosting a 1-Day Conference to bring together employers, Diversity and Inclusion executives and career focused adults who stutter. The agenda will focus on stuttering education and awareness to help eliminate workplace stigmas and improve employment outcomes for people who stutter.

We Stutter @ Work 1-Day Conference

Friday, October 25
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

PayPal Headquarters
San Jose, CA

PayPal and the National Stuttering Association are partnering to host a One-Day Conference on Stuttering in the Workplace. People who stutter make for valuable employees but not all companies understand how employees who stutter can make significant contributions to the success of an organization.

As a leading business supporting Diversity & Inclusion practices, PayPal values the contributions people who stutter can make in the workplace.

The NSA and PayPal have created this One-Day Conference happening on Friday, Oct. 25 in San Jose, CA to bring greater awareness of stuttering in the workplace to Silicon Valley businesses and to the stuttering community. Adults who stutter, Diversity & Inclusion Professionals. Human Resource Managers, and Recruiters will all benefit from attending from this conference.

The $49 registration fee includes lunch and a networking reception that closes out the conference.

We hope to see you at this groundbreaking event.


  • Why Companies Need Employees Who Stutter
  • Diversity & Inclusion at Work
  • Stuttering and the Americans with Disabilities Act: What You Should Know
  • Stuttering at Work: What Employers Should Know
  • Panel Discussion: Achieving Career Success in the Workplace
  • How the National Stuttering Association (NSA)
    Helps Employers


Lybra Clemons – Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion
John Kunze – SVP of Consumer Products & Technology

Constant Djacga – Partner

Megan Ellis – Sr. Manager