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You’ve graduated high school…now what? You may be going to college or maybe starting a new job. You might move out of your parent’s house or may be hitting the road to do some traveling. But what about stuttering? How will it affect the choices you make? Will you allow it to hold you back from what you really want to accomplish?

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Stuttering is a part of who you are, but it should not dictate the decisions you make for your future as a young adult. The NSA® has resources, written by college students and young adults, to help you best navigate this stage in your life.

Young Adult Resources

Transitioning To College
Whether you are attending a college in your hometown or moving across the country, your life is changing in new and exciting ways. New teachers, new classmates, new friends, and new freedoms. And of course, new speech challenges

Job Hunting and Interviewing
The NSA is driven to improve the employment opportunities of people who stutter. Our WeStutter@Work program offers people who stutter-free career advice through webinars, practice job interviews, and career profiles.

Being Your Best Advocate
Being your best advocate is an important practice that helps to build confidence while promoting understanding and acceptance for yourself and stuttering in everyday life.

Connect with others online
Our NSA Young Adults Facebook group is a closed, moderated space, open only to 20- and 30-somethings who stutter, and offers a safe environment to ask questions and bounce ideas on all things relevant to this stage of life.

Join a Local NSA Chapter
The NSA provides a wide network of stuttering support groups that help people who stutter build self-confidence, practice speaking in a safe environment, socialize with others, and explore new ways to cope with stuttering.

Speech Therapy as a Young Adult
Whether you have years of experience or are considering attending for the first time, speech therapy as a young adult has a number of benefits.

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