National Stuttering Association

2021 NSA Annual Conference

Thanks for joining us in Austin, Texas!

The NSA Annual Conference is a life-changing event for adults, children, families, and friends who share stuttering as a common bond. We’ve experienced far too much isolation in the past year, and this conference will bring the stuttering community together, in person, for an exhilarating and unforgettable time!

During our four days together, attendees are inspired, informed, and have the opportunity to confront any challenges or misconceptions you might be holding onto about stuttering.

Simply hearing from and being around others who stutter – others who really get it – can have a life-altering and lasting effect for the better. Most importantly, you will leave this event knowing for certain that when you’re a part of the NSA, you will Never Stutter Alone.

We appreciate each of you who joined us in July 2021 to experience weird, hip, and wonderful Austin, Texas, in a whole new way.

It’s impossible to describe how powerful it is to spend four days where the majority of people you talk with, stutter. They understand what it is like to live with a stutter every day and achieve success in life.


Workshop Recordings

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Workshop Info

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