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Thank you for considering a donation to the National Stuttering Association! We know that every dollar counts to you, so we make every dollar work hard for you. We invite you to browse through our various donation options below, or simply donate to our General Fund to have the broadest impact across the community.

Existing donors, review your donations here. 

General Fund

The NSA General Fund plays a vital role in supporting the day-to-day operations of our organization. This fund serves as the backbone of our activities, enabling us to carry out essential functions and fulfill our mission. With your support, we are able to provide resources, guidance, and assistance to our local chapters, engage in outreach initiatives, provide educational opportunities, and advocate on behalf of the stuttering community. By contributing to the General Fund, you help sustain the ongoing efforts that make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who stutter.

NSA Conference Scholarship Fund

The NSA Scholarship Fund, named in honor of Barry Liben & Family, aims to provide financial assistance to individuals who face economic challenges in attending our Annual Conference. Initially established in 2006 by Barry Liben as a heartfelt tribute to his late father, Alvin, this fund has thrived over the years due to the unwavering support of the Liben family and the generous contributions from the NSA community. 

Research Fund

The NSA Research Fund is dedicated to providing funding for the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the field of stuttering. This fund aims to support research projects that focus on various aspects of stuttering, including treatment methods, assessment tools, and broader research inquiries. Through these endeavors, we strive to enhance our understanding of stuttering and contribute to developing practical approaches for people who stutter.

Fulcrum Fund

The Fulcrum Group is made up of individuals and families dedicated to furthering the NSA’s mission and its reach via active fundraising.

By donating via the Fulcrum Group, either as a branch owner or participant of a branch, you are ensuring that the NSA continues to deliver resources and support to the stuttering community, funds and vets relevant research, and fuels advocacy and outreach across all ages. Every dollar you donate contributes to the de-stigmatization of stuttering and helps to create a world where stuttering is understood, supported and normalized.

Short Family

Short Family Legacy Contributors

Dale & Martha Short

Katie & Joe Parenza

Caden Short

Dale & Martha Short

Katie & Joe Parenza

Caden Short

Rubinstein Family

Rubinstein Family Legacy Contributors

Dale & Martha Short

Katie & Joe Parenza

Caden Short

Dale & Martha Short

Katie & Joe Parenza

Caden Short

NSA Conference Scholarship Fund

The NSA Conference Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for individuals and families who would like to experience the empowerment, education, and encouragement of our Annual Conference, but who face financial barriers in doing so. Donations to this fund assist in covering the costs associated with traveling to and attending our conference, and help first-time attendees and families in particular to feel the support of the NSA community directly.

Monthly Donors are ChangeMakers

Become a part of something bigger than yourself when you donate monthly. As a monthly donor, you are helping the NSA change lives today and tomorrow.

Benefits to Giving Monthly

Your Donation Is A Difference Maker.

Monthly donations ensure the NSA can better support our Local Chapters, and help people who stutter achieve career success through our WeStutter@Work initiative.

Affordable For You. Reliable For Us.

Your monthly donation makes sense because you choose how much you are able to give. Monthly donations are reliable gifts the NSA can count on. Your monthly donations add up to create tremendous results.

Becoming an NSA ChangeMaker allows you to join a devoted group of supporters who understand the important role the NSA can play in the lives of people who stutter and those who love and support them.

By giving monthly, at a comfort level you determine, you are investing in the mission of the NSA and allowing the mission to carry forward in each person’s life now and into the future.

“If you stutter, you are not alone” is more than the NSA’s promise to the stuttering community, it’s what drives us to change the lives of people who stutter.

More Ways to Support.

If you are interested in donating to the National Stuttering Association (NSA) and exploring the various donation alternatives we offer, such as matching gifts, gifts of stock or annuities, real-estate gifts, will beneficiaries, and other methods, it’s best to contact Tammy Flores at tflores@westutter.org. 

Donating to the NSA can help support the important work we do and make a positive impact in the lives of people who stutter.

The National Stuttering Association is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID 94-2420533).