National Stuttering Association

Purple and turquoise starburst with the letters NSA in the middle.
Logo of the Teen Advisory Council of the National Stuttering Association, featuring the acronym 'NSA' in large letters, with a sun symbol above and the full name at the bottom.

The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a group of highly-motivated and respected teens that help make up the NSA family. The role of the TAC is to exhibit strong leadership qualities and to serve as role models and mentors to their peers and younger members of the NSA Family Programs, providing support and presenting a positive attitude to NSA teens and kids.

NSA Family Programs is honored to have the TAC as an integral part of the team. They are expected to be excellent representatives of the NSA and its mission. TAC members will be featured on the website and may also be featured in various communications and publications. The TAC works at the discretion of the Family Programs committee. For more information, check out our TAC Guidelines.

Teen Advisory Council (TAC) Representative

A TAC Representative is responsible for working with Executive and Family Program in the development, coordination, and evaluation of all NSA programs related to youth, particularly teenagers. Their responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, assisting in the development of parent support services, and working with other appropriate committees to review and/or recommend new materials and programs for youth.

Teen Program Coordinator(s)

The TAC is overseen by the Teen Program Coordinator(s) (TPC; no more than 2). The TPCs facilitate TAC meetings and oversee larger objectives, such as one-day teen events, conference teen programming, and advocacy/engagement projects.

TAC Interview Process

In the event a position is open, TAC interviews will be held via Skype/video call or in person at the Annual Conference by a committee consisting of Teen Program Coordinator(s) and/or TAC members.  If there are no openings in any given year, interviews will be postponed until the following year. The Teen Program Coordinator(s) and NSA Family Programs will communicate to the teen membership the availability of TAC openings when a position is available. Each TAC member(s) term is a three-year term.