Young people who stutter can benefit greatly from becoming friends with someone older, a mentor, who also stutters.

As a young person who stutters, feelings of isolation, embarrassment, shame, fear and hopelessness can potentially have a long-lasting negative impact. However, being able to talk with someone else who stutters that has gone through the same childhood experiences can increase the self-worth and confidence of a person who stutters.

The GENERATIONS Mentoring Program from the National Stuttering Association partners a young person who stutters with an older person who stutters. Together, they form a friendship where each other can talk about stuttering, life, hobbies, sports, movies, playing video games and so much more. These relationships are developed through once-a-month video chats (FaceTime/Skype, etc.) and through text/email.

‘What a sweet person Adam is! I hope someday Billy will contribute to the PWS community as you two have.  It’s really nice for Billy to simply have experience meeting new people, since so often he shies away or gives one word answers.  There are so many reasons this is awesome!’

-Nancy (Parent)

We loved talking with you – We all agreed how it makes us feel less alone!

-Karen (Parent)

Your work has been amazing. Please keep doing great things 🙂

-Joey (Mentor)

The goals of the GENERATIONS Mentoring Program are simple, but meaningful:

  • Connect kids and teens who stutter with adults who stutter
  • Show that it is OKAY to stutter
  • Remind kids and teens who stutter that they are not alone
  • Provide support, hope and encouragement

The NSA is currently accepting applications for kids and teens (ages 7-17) who stutter (‘Mentees’)*. Due to an overwhelming response, we are not accepting applications for adult Mentors at this time.

Each Mentee/Mentor application will be evaluated and the best connections will be paired together. Mentors will need to fill out a background (not credit) check before being assigned to a Mentee.

Learn more about the GENERATIONS Mentoring Program from Michael, a mentee in the program, and Paul, one of our mentors, below, and feel free to print/share our GENERATIONS Mentoring flyer with friends and family!

Michael shares his mentoring experience.

Paul talks about mentoring Michael.

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, we are not taking applications for adult Mentors at this time.

* Parent consent will be required for all minors. By permitting your child to participate in this activity, you understand the responsibility and obligations involved.  Email correspondence between mentors/mentees will not be monitored by National Stuttering Association “NSA”. We encourage you to monitor your child’s participation, using the same caution as any other internet interactions they may have. You agree to release NSA from liability and hold NSA harmless from any and all claims as a result of your child’s participation in this activity.

+ All Mentors will be required to complete a background screening.

Read complete information about the safety precautions in place for the GENERATIONS Mentoring program, and complete the Mentor Criminal Background Consent or Parent Waiver & Release forms on our GENERATIONS Mentoring Safety page.