While pairing adults and children/teens in mentoring roles has many benefits, the safety of our children is of the utmost concern to the NSA.

→ Mentor Safety Precautions
Mentors are required to fill out an application and background criminal (not credit) check below before being assigned to a Mentee. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, we are not accepting applications for adult Mentors at this time.

→ Mentee Safety Precautions 
Parent consent Waiver & Release form) is required for all minors. By permitting your child to participate in this activity, you understand the responsibility and obligations involved.  Email correspondence between mentors/ mentees will not be monitored by National Stuttering Association “NSA”. We encourage you to monitor your child’s participation, using the same caution as any other internet interactions they may have. You agree to release NSA from liability and hold NSA harmless from any and all claims as a result of your child’s participation in this activity. Mentees are not required to complete the criminal background check below.

Once completed applications are received, each Mentee/Mentor application will be evaluated and the best connections will be paired together.