National Stuttering Association

To better support you and your chapters – the backbone of the NSA – we are going to be hiring a part-time employee who will be dedicated solely as a resource to support you. This individual will be responsible for facilitating the creation of new chapters; assisting with existing chapters, including regular contact; providing guidance with any chapter issues that arise; compiling data reports; and making themselves available to RCCs.

As you know, one of the components of the NSA that sets us apart from any other organization is the strength and variety of our chapters. We’re proud of what we have accomplished together so far, and we believe that this new coordinator will provide NSA chapters with the ongoing support that is¬†needed as we head into 2023.

We invite all current and previous Chapter Leaders and RCCs who feel they may be qualified to apply for this position using the form below no later than December 15th, 2022.