National Stuttering Association

Thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors, special donors, and many of our members, we are pleased to offer financial assistance for people who stutter who would like to attend our Fall Regional Conference. Please read the notes below and follow them precisely to make the application process run as smoothly as possible.

A few notes about our scholarship process:

  • We suggest that you check into other resources prior to applying for an NSA scholarship, as we do not provide 100% scholarships for anyone
  • Financial need is taken into account when distributing funds, therefore, detailed financial information is required
  • Scholarship recipients will be asked to:
    • -Reduce their hotel costs by sharing a room
    • -Be in good standing and a contributing supporter of the NSA
    • -You may be required to submit a short narrative describing your situation/need, how much assistance you are looking for, and how much are you able to contribute.
  • To apply contact our National Office no later than September 10, 2014:
    • -Email – Info@WeStutter.org,
    • -Fax – (212) 944-8244, or
    • -Post mail – 119 W. 40th Street 14th Floor New York, NY 10018
  • The National Stuttering Association’s Board of Directors and special donors are determined that no one be unable to attend our Regional Conferences due to financial difficulty. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.