Paige is a 19-year old person who stutters and was born and raised in El Reno, Oklahoma. She works as a cashier at a local grocery store in El Reno, and is studying Business at Redlands Community College. Her hobbies include modeling, running, cheering, and vocal classes (in high school). Paige loves making people laugh and smile, and was no doubt because of this, homecoming queen in high school. She considers herself a home-body and on the weekends you can find her studying at home. A fun fact about Paige is that even with her stuttering, she loves to try new things and get out of her comfort zone.

Paige’s journey with the NSA has been a fairly new one, and she says “I have only been with NSA for three months now, but it has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.” She found the group early this year on the National Stuttering Association website after she presented a project about stuttering in class. “I wanted to learn more about my stuttering and educate myself”, she says. For her very first NSA meeting, she drove all the way down from Oklahoma to Dallas to join us. Her family and friends supported her travels to Dallas and she is considering starting her own chapter in El Reno soon. “I am so grateful to have a group of people like me that I can always relate to, knowing that I can always come to them and be welcomed with open arms.”

Next time you see Paige take a selfie with her for her modeling portfolio!