Spring2Day Online Conference

April 17 – 18, 2021

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Springtime is all about new beginnings, the blossoming of fresh ideas and a time to focus on endless possibilities. It’s in that spirit that the NSA is excited to announce something new: our Spring2Day Online Conference taking place on Saturday April 17th & Sunday April 18th!

For these two days, we are bringing the stuttering community together online to learn, laugh, and connect through interactive Zoom sessions. Our agenda includes informative and rewarding sessions tailored to adults, teens, ‘tweens, kids, parents, and speech-language pathologists. We hope you join us!


We are bringing you the NSA Spring2Day Online Conference for a $35 registration fee. This registration includes access to all of the sessions throughout the conference, as well as to the online video recordings after the event. We are also offering up to .55 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level) for our speech professionals at an additional cost (kids/teens sessions not included).

Programs will be recorded for later viewing within a 10-day period of time following each workshop.

Spring2Day Conference Agenda

Spring2Day Conference Agenda

All of the sessions will be delivered using Zoom, which can be accessed using your computer, smartphone, and or tablet.  Scroll down and click to reveal the daily sessions. (All times are Eastern.)

Saturday, April 17

2:00 – 2:10 pm (Eastern)

Welcome to the NSA Spring2Day Conference

Whether this is your first NSA event, or you’re a returning, long-time NSA’er, join us as we kick off our first NSA Spring2Day Online Conference! You will hear from our Board Chair, Kristine Short, and Executive Director, Tammy Flores, as we welcome you and get the excitement of the next two days underway.

2:15 – 3:15 pm (Eastern)

Talking about Stuttering: A Necessary Step to Effective Advocacy for SLPs, Parents and their Children

People who stutter of all ages understand stuttering in deeply personal ways. This workshop will feature adults, teens, and kids  sharing, “What I wish people knew about stuttering.” Their insightful perspective will be supported by research as well as evidence-based strategies that can be used to help parents and SLPs to foster self-advocacy, instill hope for their future, and reduce the negative impact of stuttering on a person’s overall quality of life.

session lead: Courtney Byrd, PhD, CCC-SLP

3:30 – 4:30 pm (Eastern)

Teens: Mini-Workshop Blitz Sessions

Blitz sessions are BACK! These quick-hit workshops give Teens advice and skills on incredibly relevant topics that will immediately improve their everyday lives. Teens will participate in three 15-minute workshops presented by NSA Teen Advisory Council Members. Blitz sessions are:

  • Advertising Your Stutter 
  • Navigating the Professional World with a Stutter 
  • The Stutterer’s Journey

3:30 – 4:30 pm (Eastern)

Ace Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews can be difficult and stressful, especially for people who stutter. Today, many job interviews are done over the phone or video chat, which create time pressures that can increase anxiety. Learn from the NSA’s WeStutter@Work team as they share proven ways for building confidence, give advice on knowing and selling your strengths, and offer ideas for how best to disclose stuttering during the job interview process.

session leads: NSA’s WeStutter@Work Team

4:45 – 5:45 pm (Eastern)

Quieting Negative Self-Talk

What does your inner voice tell you? Does it say you can’t possibly achieve something amazing because you stutter? Does your inner voice criticize your capabilities and over-analyze most everything you do? If so, then it’s time to quiet the negative self-talk in your life. During this interactive workshop, you will explore practical ways to silence your self-sabotaging chatter that can prevent you from doing, living, and achieving your best life.

session lead: John Moore

Sunday, April 18

12:30 – 1:30 pm (Eastern)

NSA Research Showcase

The NSA is committed to advancing the knowledge and understanding of stuttering through research projects. Every year the NSA Research Committee approves projects for the NSA community to participate in. In this session, expert researchers, clinicians, and professors will share research findings from recent studies about self-compassion, self-disclosure, and predictors of negative stuttering effects.

session leads: Angela Medina, PhD, CCC-SLP • Robyn Croft, MS, CF-SLP • Seth Tichenor, PhD, CCC-SLP • Megan Young, MA, CCC-SLP

1:45 – 2:30 pm (Eastern)

NSA Kids & Tweens

It’s always a fun time when kids and ‘tweens who stutter get together, even over Zoom. Expect lots of laughter and smiles as you get to know each other and play games. We’ll also take time to discover our shared experiences with stuttering. Join us to feel how amazing it is to be with other people who stutter.

session lead: Sarah Onofri

1:45 – 2:45 pm (Eastern)

Teen Zoom Room

This is a time for teens to gather together and just talk. The only thing planned is for you to have the opportunity to socialize and if you want, talk about stuttering. Or if you prefer to kick back and watch the conversation, that’s cool too. Our Teen Advisory Council will lead this Zoom Room so you know it will be an amazing time!

2:45 – 3:45 pm (Eastern)

Covert Stuttering Exposed!

Covert stuttering is a unique and often misunderstood form of stuttering. Most people who are covert do their best to hide their stuttering (or try to) and by doing so, it can take a large toll on their lives and impact many life decisions. Learn from a panel of current and recovered covert people who stutter as they share personal stories and how they reached the point of acceptance in their covert stuttering journey. This session will be helpful for any person who stutters as well as for SLPs and family members wanting to learn more about covert stuttering.

session leads: Cathy Olish-Maciejewski, Bob Wellington, Elaine Robin-Kruijd, Will Nading

4:00 – 4:30 pm (Eastern)

Closing/Thank You

As our Spring2Day Conference draws to a close, we come together one last time to recap, review, and thank you for your participation. Join us to hear reflections from key attendees and learn about some VERY BIG NEWS!!!!