“Copyboy” by Vince Vawter


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The new book picks up the story of Victor Vollmer six years later as he works at a Memphis newspaper as a copyboy during the summer before he starts college.  The 17-year-old is still concerned about his inability to speak without a stutter. His friend and mentor, Mr. Spiro, has challenged him to find the mouth of the Mississippi River, a journey that becomes more and more complicated as a deadly hurricane approaches the Gulf Coast.

COPYBOY, just as with PAPERBOY, can be read on different levels. It’s a book for all ages. Middle-grade teachers who taught PAPERBOY may want to introduce their students to this sequel. Book Club members, speech-language pathologists, and other readers who enjoyed PAPERBOY will see how the protagonist grows on this new journey.

You can find out more about COPYBOY and view a 2-minute book trailer on vincevawter.com.