Understanding and Controlling Stuttering (3rd edition)


Understanding and Controlling Stuttering: A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis
By William D. Parry, CCC-SLP

Puzzled about stuttering? Do you wonder why words often feel like “brick walls,” even before you try to say them? Or why your blocks get stronger the harder you try to force through them? If so, here is a book, written in clear, every-day language, that fits together the pieces of the stuttering puzzle as never before. The key to its approach is the Valsalva Hypothesis – an exciting new theory that explains stuttering blocks as a neurological confusion between voice and the body’s Valsalva mechanism, in response to anxiety or the anticipation of difficulty in speaking. As a result, the larynx is prepared to exert effort instead of phonating a word’s vowel sound, causing speech to get stuck on the consonant or glottal stop preceding the vowel. The book demonstrates how neurological, physiological, and psychological factors interact to stimulate and perpetuate stuttering through a “Valsalva-Stuttering Cycle.”

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Paperback, 306 pages

This book sheds new light on vir­tual­ly every aspect of stutter­ing be­havior – its causes, its variability, and its many forms of treat­ment. Finally, it outlines a comprehensive self-help program based on Valsalva Stuttering Therapy, aimed at relaxing the Valsalva mechanism, eliminating blocks, freeing your inherent fluency, and allowing you to speak in an easy, effortless, and natural way.

The Revised and Expanded Third Edition contains many new insights and exercises, developed through actual clinical experience, experimentation, and practice-based evidence, involving the participation of dozens of persons who stutter from all over the world.

Lucid, easy-to-read, You learn to see your stuttering in an entirely new light. His book is essential reading for anyone trying to make sense of his or her own stuttering. It’s also a must for the speech pathologist looking for a keener understanding of the hidden dynamics behind the stuttering block. John C. Harrison C Review of the previous edition in Letting Go

“[The Valsalva Hypothesis] is of potentially significant scientific value in explaining the nature of stuttering behavior . . .” (J. David Williams, Ph.D, Northern Illinois University.)

About the Author . . .

William D. Parry, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist who previously overcame his own stuttering through Valsalva Control, enabling him to become a successful trial lawyer. He is the founder and long-time leader of the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the National Stuttering Association, has served on the NSA’s board of directors, and has presented workshops on the Valsalva Hypothesis throughout the United States and internationally.

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