Sufian was born in raised in NYC, NY where he lived all his life. He briefly spent two years in Jordan so that he would learn to read and write Arabic, which is good because now he is a bilingual person who stutters. He currently moved from NYC to Dallas over the summer and cannot wait to start the new chapter of his life here. Sufian is very dedicated, he wakes up every single morning at 6 am and starts his daily routine of exercise, reading, meditation, breakfast and going to work. He loves playing basketball and is currently obsessed with golf because he cannot “crack its code”.

Growing up, Sufian experienced a great deal of shame and guilt when it came to his speech. He was in and out of speech therapy but nothing worked, until one day Sufian realized that the reason speech therapy wasn’t working was because most of his SLPs never stuttered before, and they didn’t get the emotional baggage that comes with stuttering. Sufian then decided that the only way to overcome this challenge was to live his life and DO EVERYTHING he wanted to do and dreamed of, and stop using tricks and avoidances. Since then, Sufian began to advertise his stutter to reduce the fear/panic that comes with speaking… and remember what we said about him being dedicated? He has set a weekly goal of approaching 100 random strangers!

He heard about the NSA from another friend who also stutters, but Sufian never felt comfortable meeting other people who stuttered. It wasn’t until after his self-discoveries towards stuttering, that he finally visited the Dallas Chapter in August 2018 and never looked back!