The NSA is a non-profit organization, which means that our very existence depends upon financial support from our members and other sources. As a part of our fund development plan we look for funding from a variety of sources, but our grassroots/individual support is an important part of how we fulfill our mission. Individual donations, both large and small are the heart of our funding.

As many of you know, the NSA has greatly benefitted from several years of support from Barry Liben and the Tzell Travel Group, providing us with office space, utilities, printing, and postage at no charge. While we are extraordinarily grateful for Barry’s generosity and commitment to the NSA, his upcoming retirement will mean that we need to find alternative funding sources.

This year, to launch our 40th Anniversary and Fall Drive campaign, we have set up three Crowdrise fundraisers to support the NSA. In anticipation of losing our generously donated office space next year, funding these programs will allow us to better cover our operational expenses, including rent, utilities, printing, and postage, which are expected to increase. This means we will need to make up these costs through donations from our supporters and other fundraising.

Our various CrowdRise campaigns allow you to make an earmarked donation to the NSA for the specific need(s) that mean the most to you. This holiday season, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to one or more of the campaigns, and sharing among your networks:

40th Anniversary Fall Drive

As we reflect on another year, we also look forward to determine how we might continue to meet the needs of those we serve. In 2017 we celebrate a milestone – our 40th anniversary as an organization serving the stuttering community. To mark this milestone year in the NSA’s dynamic history, we are proud to launch our 40th Anniversary Campaign to ensure that the NSA’s programs and services remain available for generations to come.

Annual Conference Scholarships

For more than three decades we have hosted annual conferences for people in the stuttering community, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet one another and develop coping strategies for their stuttering, and for family members to learn more about their children and siblings who stutter. Approximately 900 individuals attend each Annual Conference, and we are proud to provide scholarships to families whose attendance is cost-prohibitive. Join our CrowdRise today and help us to send five more families to the conference in 2017 where we spread the message: If you stutter, you are not alone!
Donate to the Annual Conference Scholarship Campaign

Letting Go

One of the ways that we connect people who stutter is through our newsletter that shares experiences with stuttering: #LettingGo. Since 1979, Letting Go has created broad-based awareness of and support for those who stutter and helps break self-imposed isolation, too often a lifetime by-product of stuttering. Help us fund the beloved NSA newsletter, Letting Go throughout 2017!
Letting Go Campaign

Family Fun Day

An NSA Family Fun Day is a unique opportunity for kids, teens, and adults who stutter to attend a day of workshops and activities on topics related to stuttering in a supportive and friendly environment. These events are all about promoting confidence and empowering young people who stutter! Join our Giving Tower on Giving Tuesday and help us raise $10K to host 12 NSA Family Fun Days in 2017!
Family Fun Day Campaign