National Stuttering Association

Support is what we provide to each other along the way. When I brought my 8 year old son to the NSA in 2004, I came looking for a “cure”. What I found was so much more than a cure, so much richer and better in every way. His life is exciting, happy, challenging and he stutters. It’s okay. Sometimes, it’s even more than okay.The NSA celebrates the uniqueness that is every child.

The NSA supports parents in learning how to have an open, honest and productive dialogue with their child about stuttering and the many situations they will encounter.

Through the NSA, parents connect to each other to talk about their shared experiences in supporting their children. You’ll meet and talk with other people who have the same concerns and have surmounted the challenges along the way. “Experienced” parents can help others navigate school situations, both socially and academically.

The NSA empowers parents to support their children in moving away from a shame based response to their speech pattern.

Many children have never met another person, another child who stutters. The NSA offers several venues for kids to connect through the website and through Stutter Buddies. The NSA convention (not to be missed!) is an outrageously fun event with tons of recreational, educational and bonding experiences for young children and teens….and for their parents as well. Over and over and over again you will hear from the adults: ”I wish there had been an NSA when I was growing up. These kids are so lucky!”

Support is:

  • Understanding
  • Experience
  • Compassion
  • Resources
  • Guidance
  • Sounding Board
  • Opportunities for growth and involvement
  • Respect
  • Sharing

Support is reciprocal. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself in a conversation with another parent, helping them by sharing your unique perspective and supporting them along their path.

Stuttering affects people in a myriad of ways. Speech therapy addresses some aspects of stuttering. The NSA provides support to people in therapy and also for many who chose not to in be therapy. For many parents, especially those who are new to the whole world of stuttering, this is new perspective. The NSA supports the choices and the many paths that people who stutter make in living full, confident and successful lives.

Parents of children who stutter will learn that there are many kinds of speech therapy….and that speech therapists have different levels of expertise, and that within those levels of expertise, there are different treatment approaches.

Parents will learn about adults who have great careers, loving relationships and stutter up a storm….and who chose NOT to be in therapy.

Parents will learn about adults who achieve in every area of their lives, and for whom therapy is an integral part of their lives.

Parents will learn that stuttering does not define a child’s life, but that a child’s response to this challenge can be truly life-enhancing.

Lastly, and most importantly, the KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT! The NSA helps you, the parent to be the “wind beneath their wings”.

We look forward to having you and your child join us!(Support written by NSA member, Marin Martin, a parent of a child who stutters)

There are many ways parents and family members of children who stutter can help the NSA. Through our parent liaison program, you can help others who may be concerned about their children. We also need volunteers to help with our NSA Youth Days and Annual Conference.

The NSA also depends largely on your donations to fund its many programs. Click here to find out more about how you can support the NSA.

For more information, contact NSA at info@westutter.org