If you experience stuttering or are a parent of a child or teen who stutters, a speech-language pathologist, a teacher, a doctor or other professional who works to treat stuttering, you will want to take advantage of the helpful opportunities and benefits of supporting the NSA®!

We used to consider you an NSA member only if you paid annual dues. That used to cover the cost of mailing Letting Go and made the newsletter a “perk” of membership. Now that our publications are distributed mostly online, dropping the dues requirement enables us to be more inclusive. So people who participate in our programs can identify with the NSA as members whether or not they can contribute financially.

Now we consider you an NSA member if you attend a local chapter, come to a conference, workshop or youth day, or register on our website. Since the basis of our organization is that people who stutter are not alone, and we want everyone who’s with us to be a part of the NSA.

Anyone who makes a tax-deductible donation – be it yearly in the same amount as their previous membership dues, in another amount, in one of our fundraising drives, or in our monthly pledge program – is considered an NSA supporter.

There are two ways to contribute:

  • Support Beyond Words
    With automated monthly contributions, your membership is continuous (unless you stop it) and you’ll never have to worry about renewals. Join with or renew your monthly contribution today.
  • Annual Contribution
    The annual contribution is renewable every year. Unlike automatic monthly payments, you’ll need to keep track of the date you joined to renew each year.