Alison LaJuettMid-Atlantic Region - Family Programs

    Alison is a 2nd year graduate student studying speech-language pathology at the University of Akron. She has a special interest in stuttering and counseling, and hopes to work with children who stutter and their families after graduation. Alison has volunteered with FRIENDS and various camps for children and teens who stutter. These moving experiences encouraged her and her colleagues to form the Kent, Ohio Family Chapter of the National Stuttering Association. Alison is a member of ASHA’s Special Interest Group for Fluency and Fluency Disorders and a student member of the International Fluency Association. In addition to being a future SLP, she is also interested in helping improve the mental health of individuals with varying life circumstances. For the past ten years, Alison has worked in mental health. Currently, she works on an inpatient crisis unit for adults suffering from pervasive mental health issues. Alison enjoys providing care and support to help individuals in crisis transition from inpatient care to home.