Annie Hernandez

    Annie is a student at Florida Atlantic University’s Honors College [in South Florida], majoring in marine biology. She has stuttered ever since she was in kindergarten, and Ft. Lauderdale was her 3rd NSA Conference. Annie’s two passions, although completely unrelated to stuttering, are marine biology and singing/songwriting. She has been obsessed with the natural world (especially the oceans) ever since she came out of the womb, but singing is a newer zeal that she took up in middle school. When Annie discovered that one does not stutter when he/she sings, she took the idea of singing and ran with it, eventually composing 8 of her own songs since 8th grade.

    Annie is a firm believer in support for teens who stutter as a means of helping them become more accepting of themselves and their speech, especially after her outlook on her stuttering significantly shifted from hopeless to hopeful once she joined a local NSA Teen chapter during middle school. She longs to offer the same support that was given her to other teens who stutter and assure them that they are not alone, nor will they ever be.