Caden ShortTeen Program Co-Coordinator

    Caden is currently a freshman at New York University (currently studying abroad in London) and has stuttered as long as he can remember. Ft. Lauderdale was his 8th NSA conference. Before stepping into his new role as Teen Program Co-Coordinator, Caden has served on the TAC for the past three years (TAC Chair for the past two). Athletics are also a large part in Caden’s life. He has played football, baseball, and track and field for his high school’s teams. Caden believes stuttering is neither something to be ashamed of, nor is something to hide. He hopes to inspire others to become confident speakers and further engage with the NSA. Caden is grateful that stuttering gave him the opportunity to be a member of the NSA community and is looking forward to his first year as Teen Program Co-Coordinator and meeting new people and catching up with friends at the next conference.