Jacquelyn RevereTelevision Writer

    Jacquelyn Revere

    Los Angeles, CA
    Television Writer
    Self-Employed Television Writer

    Briefly describe your daily job duties.
    I am a television writer, currently employed by WEG production company. I write scripts, I “break story” (conceptualize screenplays), and I “storyboard” (visually show planned shots for a television show).

    As a person who stutters, share the most challenging part of your job.
    I have to explain story concepts to other people daily, and validate why the story I want to tell, or why my story works best for the overall goal of the production.

    Did you self-disclose your stuttering during the job hiring process?
    Yes, everyone knows I stutter. I tell them in the job interview and also my first day of work when I introduce myself, I make sure they all are aware. Every new person I meet, I make sure to tell them that I stutter.

    Describe how stuttering makes you a better, more valued contributor at work.
    My stutter allows me to be a good listener, It makes me a bit more empathetic in the storytelling process especially when writing for a character with a disability. I am a good listener because I expect the same from others.

    What is your proudest moment at your current company?
    I pitched my most recent pilot and sold it off my verbal pitch.

    What are your long-term career aspirations?
    To become a showrunner and garner an overall deal at a large tv studio.

    What’s your best advice for people who stutter just entering the workplace and for those in a career striving to achieve greater success?
    Stand up for yourself and get an ally at work. Someone is willing to put their neck out for you if there is mistreatment with the understanding that you would do the same for them. Also, treat others the same way that you expect them to treat you, so if you need people to listen you speak, you must give that same respect.