Sam Hernandez

    Sam is a Junior at Jupiter High School in South Florida. He has stuttered for as long as he can remember and was in speech therapy for several years. Ft Lauderdale was his 3rd conference, and he is very grateful for his fairly recent discovery of the NSA. Sam is mostly passionate about soccer, which he began playing in 6th Grade. He has been a goalkeeper for 5 years and has been called on to play at the GPS National ID Camp, which involves roughly the 50 best players across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. His role as a goalkeeper has helped shape him into a leader on and off the soccer field. He hopes to provide support and lend a helping hand to teens who go through the same struggle he’s dealt with his whole life. He is passionate about improving the lives of those who stutter, mostly by encouraging a more positive outlook on what is commonly viewed as a setback.