Taylor OwensNorthwest Region - Adults

    Taylor Owens has been an active member of the NSA since 2015, when she finally started to accept her stutter at 30 years old after decades of being “covert”.  She has since been continuously motivated and inspired by other adults and children who stutter.   Taylor is a Residential Real Estate Advisor and Home Stager in Minneapolis, MN.   She is a lover of fashion, holding a degree in International Trade and Marketing from New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology.   Taylor enjoys travel, cooking, reading, walking the many lakes of Minneapolis, and spending time with her husband, beloved pets, friends and family.  Since beginning to accept her stutter, Taylor has been able to branch out of her comfort zone, joining Toastmasters International, growing her real estate business and discuss stuttering openly.

    In Taylor’s role as a Regional Chapter Coordinator, she plans to continue to promote advocacy for the stuttering community, provide support and leadership when needed. Most of all, Taylor is looking forward to getting to know many more incredible people who stutter and help them own their stuttering story and promote more positive attitudes and outlooks!