The teenage years can be an exciting and challenging stage of life – new schools, new freedoms, and new challenges, including those with your speech. Many teens who stutter may feel like they are the alone, like they are the only one who understands how they feel.

Am I Alone?

  • As a teen who stutters, you may experience daily challenges and difficulties that your peers do not.
  • You may face ridicule by classmates.
  • You may experience anxiety in social situations such as dating, but with the added worry of “Will he/she not like me because of my stutter?”
  • You may feel nervous in class wondering if today is the day the teacher will call on you to participate.
  • You may wonder if you are alone.

You’re in the right place to connect with other teens who have been through some of the same experiments, struggles, and triumphs, and know exactly how you feel! NSA Teens understand the specific challenges and difficulties that you may be experiencing, and they are here to support you and help you to navigate through them successfully. Stuttering is a part of you, but it does not – and will never – define you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The NSA is Here to Help

We offer a variety of ways to connect with other teens who stutter, both online and in person.

Junior Chapter Leaders

This specialized position is open to teens (ages 13-17) who want to become more involved in their chapter meetings, working with existing Chapter Leaders in the planning and execution of chapter meetings, and who can serve as a role model for their peers and/or the younger children in their chapter.

This is an opportunity for teens to become more engaged within the NSA, learn leadership skills, and express themselves creatively, with the opportunity to continue on as Chapter Leaders when you ‘age out’ of your NSA Teen or Family Chapter.

Junior Chapter Leaders will still need their parent or guardian to attend all meetings with them, and the Chapter Leader must be there for the entirety of the meetings as well.

Interested? Apply today!

GENERATIONS Mentoring Program

The NSA’s GENERATIONS Mentoring Program pairs a young person who stutters with an older person who stutters. Together, you’ll form a friendship where you can talk about stuttering, life, hobbies, sports, movies, playing video games, and so much more. Being able to talk with someone else who stutters that has gone through the same childhood experiences can be beneficial for a teenager. Learn more about our GENERATIONS Mentoring program!

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