National Stuttering Association

thisisstuttering is a true story about Morgan Lott, a college senior with a stutter. During the summer of 2012, Morgan pursued another round of speech therapy to try to fix his speech difference for the final time. Through speech therapy sessions, personal reflections, and public assignments, Morgan seeks to get a handle on a stutter that has plagued him for years, discovering himself in the process. thisisstuttering invites you to witness a raw, authentic story of a stutterer and his pursuit of self-discovery and healing from the impediment that 1% of the population suffers from.

NSA 20-Something Steve Ernst says:

“Check out this documentary about a college senior’s experience through speech therapy! Morgan Lott shares his frustrations along with his successes and lets his friends honestly weigh in on his speech and its impact. It’s definitely not to be missed!”

Steve will be interviewing Morgan for an upcoming issue of Letting Go and Morgan will be premiering the film at the 2013 Annual Conference on Thursday, July 4th. Until then, check out this fantastic trailer for thisisstuttering!