Stuttering is complex, interesting, often misunderstood, and newsworthy. We’ve highlighted here a few recent news stories about stuttering and the NSA®, and included a few of our own pieces.

The Power of my Voice

We first met Nathaniel Crawford, the product and lifestyle photographer and videographer behind Captures by TK Photo & Film in 2018 when he was a college student promoting his food [...]

Congrats to the Dallas Chapter on 40 Years!

The Dallas Chapter of the National Stuttering Association experienced an incredible milestone this month - their 40-year anniversary as a part of the NSA! To celebrate this remarkable achievement, former Dallas [...]

Accepted No Matter What!

For as long as I can remember I have been a person who stutters. Some might see this as an obstacle. At first, that is how I felt too. As [...]

Mayor Declares October 22 International Stuttering Awareness Day in Washington, DC

Please join us in celebrating the recent proclamation by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declaring October 22nd as International Stuttering Awareness Day in the District of Columbia! Special thanks to [...]

I Have A Mild Stutter. Am I Still Valid?

Even though I was diagnosed with a stutter at six years old, there’s a part of me that still wonders sometimes if I can properly call myself a Person Who [...]

Truth Be Told: The Reality of Stuttering

One of the most popular questions asked at NSA conferences is this: “If there was a magic pill that could cure stuttering, would you take it?” For the four years [...]

Stuttering as a Superpower

When I applied to college in Fall 2019, I had to find the “perfect” topic to write about for my Common App essay --- a topic that was unique and [...]

A Lifetime of Speech Therapy

Like many people who stutter, I’ve been to speech therapy before. Everyone has different goals going into speech therapy, whether it's lessening your stutter, controlling secondary actions while stuttering, or [...]

Stuttering and the Stage

Being a person who stutters, I never thought I could get up on a stage in front of over a hundred people. I never thought I could act or sing [...]

NSA Connects – SLPs Who Stutter

The National Stuttering Association hosted an NSA Connects session on March 25 for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) who Stutter. The conversation was led by Tiffani Kittilstved, Hayden Lambert, Kristel Kubart, and [...]