Directed by JOHN GOMEZ (2017)

NSA Chapter Leaders have the opportunity to host a special screening of WHEN I STUTTER, an award-winning documentary, to raise awareness of stuttering and to fundraise for their local NSA Chapter.

Before filling out this form, you are required to read the WHEN I STUTTER Step-by-Step Screening Guide. It contains important steps that must be completed in order to host a screening from choosing a screening partner to selecting a venue to marketing the event.

Your event will last approximately two hours with both the screening and a panel discussion with NSA chapter members. Ideally, your screening should be planned a minimum of 7 weeks from the time you submit the following form.

WHEN I STUTTER | NSA Chapter Screening Form

  • [NOTE: Screening Partner must be a College/University Speech Disorders Clinic, local Non-Profit, local Disability Rights organization, or something similar.]