National Stuttering Association

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Whether you are a person who stutters, the family member or friend of a PWS, or just an ally to PWS who has a special interest in stuttering, we are here for you! The NSA® is here to connect you to information, others who stutter, and SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) who specialize in stuttering. Get started by looking through the following links!

Need more information? Feel free to contact us. You are not alone!


The NSA is the preeminent organization for supporting people who stutter through support, education, advocacy, and research.

Family Programs

NSA Family Programs supports young people who stutter by providing resources for the whole family and others in their support network.

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)

Stuttering is complicated, and treating it can be a challenge. At the NSA, we believe that SLPs can help people to successfully cope with stuttering.

Military Personnel

We understand that military personnel face unique challenges as people who stutter. We are here to raise awareness and educate military health specialists and command staff in all of the US Armed Forces.


As the largest stuttering support organization in North America, we are advancing both knowledge and understanding of stuttering.

College/Young Adult

Moving into a new stage of life – any new stage – can be scary, especially with speech challenges. Luckily there are NSA’ers who have gone before you and can offer advice for making that transition as smooth as possible.


Searching for a job can be stressful for a person who stutters. Do I disclose my stuttering? When and how? What about interviewing? We can help.


With approximately 1% of the population stuttering, employers are likely to encounter people who stutter in the work force or among job applicants. Get the facts about stuttering.


Educators play a critical role in shaping the lives of young children, including those who stutter. Understand and support them in the best way possible.


Medical professionals are often the first professionals that parents turn to when they notice disfluencies in their child’s speech. With the correct information and a basic understanding of childhood stuttering, pediatricians and family physicians can be an asset to parents in these early stages.