For adults who stutter, achieving better communication and coping strategies to manage their stuttering may be a lifelong process. Therapy helps many people who stutter modify their speech, yet maintenance of fluency and/or acceptance of their stutter may require continuous management.

There are many ways that the NSA can help you in your quest to communicate more easily and more effectively. Local NSA chapters provide a safe, supportive peer counseling environment that can help you to improve your overall communication and coping skills, as well as your overall quality of life.

The NSA also offers numerous publications, such as books and pamphlets that can help you learn more about stuttering and see that many others just like you have achieved success even though they stutter.  Our newsletter, Letting Go, is just one example.

You will also want to take advantage of our local chapterslocal workshops and Annual Conferences. These events bring people who stutter together to share information, support and strength, so that everybody can achieve their goals for their speech and in their lives in general. Truly, this is what the NSA is all about.

Finally, for those interested in seeking speech therapy, the NSA also can help you locate a specialist clinician in your area.

You CAN overcome the challenges you face because of your stuttering…The NSA is here to help — If you stutter, you are not alone!