• Do learn where to find and recruit people with disabilities
  • Do learn how to communicate with people who have disabilities
  • Do ensure that your applications and other company forms do not ask disability-related questions
  • Do consider having written job descriptions that identify the essential functions of the job
  • Do relax and make the applicant feel comfortable
  • Do provide reasonable accommodations that the qualified applicant will need to compete for the job
  • Do treat an individual who stutters the same way you would treat any applicant or employee with dignity and respect
  • Do familiarize yourself with Basic Facts and Common Myths about stuttering, Effects on Employment, Treatment Info, and Ways You Can Help
  • Do browse the NSA’s Employer Handbook


  • Don’t assume that persons with disabilities are unemployable
  • Don’t assume that people who stutter lack the necessary education and training for employment
  • Don’t assume that certain jobs are more suited to persons who stutter
  • Don’t speculate or try to imagine how you would perform a specific job if you stuttered
  • Don’t assume that you don’t have any jobs that a person who stutters can do
  • Don‘t make medical judgments or assumptions as to why the person stutters or what they can or cannot do

Adapted from U.S. Department of Labor /
Office of Disability Employment Policy Employment Checklist For Hiring Persons With A Disability