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Speech therapy can play an instrumental role in helping a person who stutters learn techniques to gain greater comfort in speaking. Selecting a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is an important and highly individual decision. As a resource, the NSA® provides websites and information for you to use when searching for a SLP.

It’s important to note, there is no “best” method of speech therapy for stuttering. While most treatment approaches help people who stutter, no single method works for everyone, regardless of the advertising claims for some therapies. Research shows that people who stutter see the most successful treatment outcomes when:

  • The clinician is experienced in working with people who stutter; and
  • The clinician and client have a “therapeutic alliance” that enables them to work well together.

The NSA highly recommends you speak with potential SLPs and ask about their experience and comfort level with people who stutter, their treatment approaches, and their expected outcomes after therapy. Often, the specific questions you ask are not as important as your level of confidence that the SLP is the right one for you. Many SLPs will offer a consultation prior to initiating therapy in which you can ask questions and gauge your own comfort level in working with this professional.

Speech-Language Pathologist Referral List

Specialty Board on Fluency Disorders

The Specialty Board on Fluency Disorders maintains a list of SLPs who have advanced training in stuttering and meet peer-reviewed standards as board-recognized specialists. They also offer tips on choosing an SLP and specific questions to ask to help you select the right therapist.

NOTE: The NSA does not warrant the competency of these speech-language pathologists nor guarantee the effectiveness of their treatment. As with any referral, speak with the professional and ask questions.

Other Resources

Stuttering Programs and Camps

The NSA maintains a list of workshops, intensive programs, camps, summer classes, and programs for people who stutter of all ages. (We do our best to keep this list as updated as possible.)

NSA Local Chapters

The NSA has an extensive network of local chapters for Adults, Families, Teens and Kids across the United States. These chapters meet monthly and provide community and self-help support for people who stutter. The purpose of these local NSA chapters is to be a judgement-free place for people who stutter to share their stuttering experience with other people who stutter.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is a professional credentialing association for speech-language pathologists, audiologists and hearing scientists. ASHA has helpful advice about obtaining reimbursement for stuttering treatment.

Spero Stuttering, Inc.

The vision of Spero Stuttering, Inc. is to help, empower, and advocate for the stuttering community and their families by equipping those who work with people who stutter. The annual NSA conference is a perfect opportunity for SLPs to connect with and learn from people who stutter. Did you know that Spero has stipends available for SLPs to attend training and connection opportunities like the NSA conference? Apply today by going to Funding Opportunities at https://www.sperostuttering.org/ally. If you have any questions, email Ana Paula Mumy at ally@sperostuttering.org.

NSA National Office

If needed, the NSA can offer further assistance in helping you find an SLP in your area. Contact us at Info@WeStutter.org or by phone at 1.800.WeStutter.