Annual Conference

The NSA’s annual conference is your opportunity to meet other kids who stutter. Make new friends, share ideas with others, learn about stuttering and have a good time. The annual conference is in a different city every year. We have 3 days of activities for parents, kids, teenagers, speech teachers and adults who stutter. We learn about stuttering, talk with one another, play games, swim, eat and learn that we are not alone when it comes to dealing with stuttering! Click here to get information about this year’s conference!

Family Fun Days

NSA Family Fun Days are one-day events that bring together children and teens who stutter, their families, and speech-language pathologists for a day of learning, support, and growth. SLPs can learn from the children, teens and parents, other experts in the field of stuttering, and the adults who stutter that volunteer their time at these events. Knowledge is enhanced, friendships are made, and everyone goes home feeling more supported and less alone than when they came!

The Family Fun Day is like a “mini NSA Conference” that allows children who stutter and their families to explore their experiences with stuttering in a supportive, helpful environment.

Letting Go

The NSA has a newsletter including pieces written by and for kid who stutter. You can read about what other kids are doing to help their stuttering and you can even get published! Yes, if you have a poem or an idea to share or even a question about stuttering, click here to submit.

NSAKids & Families Local Chapters

The NSA has an exciting program that is all about you and your family. Right now, there are several NSAKids (ages 7-12) and Family (ages 7-17) groups in the United States. These kids and parents and even speech teachers meet to share ideas and learn more about stuttering and how to deal with it.

Find a local NSA support group near you.