How many times have you wondered about this question?

Stuttering can be confusing. Smooth or fluent speech happens when your brain, lungs, vocal cords, lips, and tongue work together in a certain way to make talking happen. Stuttering is what happens when you have too much tension in the muscles that help you produce speech or when those parts of your body involved in talking don’t work together.

People who stutter have told us that they feel like their speech muscles are “out of control” when they are stuttering. When your speech muscles don’t do what you want them to do, it may feel like you can’t do anything to help yourself. Even though you may feel like this sometimes, there are many things you can learn to help make talking easier and more in your control.

There is no single reason that someone starts stuttering. Usually, stuttering starts when children are young. Some kids stop stuttering at some point in their development, but others do not. Right now, we don’t know why this happens, and we don’t know which kids will continue to stutter. We do know that it is no one’s fault that you stutter. You, your parents, and your teachers are not to blame; stuttering is just something that is part of how your speech developed.

It is important for you to ask questions and learn about stuttering. You can talk with your parents, teachers, or speech teacher if you have one. Also, you can write to us and we can answer your question. We are here to help! Our email is: