The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a group of highly motivated and respected teens that are an integral part of the NSA family. The role of the TAC is to exhibit strong leadership qualities and to serve as role models and mentors to their peers and younger members of Family Programs within the NSA. The TAC is also responsible for providing support and presenting a positive attitude to NSA teens and kids at the Annual Conference and throughout the year.

NSA Family Programs is honored to have the TAC as a part of the Family Programs team. They are expected to be excellent representatives of the NSA and its mission. TAC members will be featured on the website and may also be featured in various communications and publications. The TAC works at the discretion of the Family Programs committee.

For more information, check out our TAC Guidelines.

TAC Terms

TAC member terms are 3 years. A member may only serve more than 3 years if they are elected to the TAC Chairperson position after serving on the council. The TAC Chairperson term is 3 years however if the Chairperson turns 21 years old prior to the conclusion of their 3-year term, they will be required to step down.