The NSA has recruited some amazing middle school-aged kids who stutter to help us design these pages just for you! Transitioning to middle school can be a fun time in your life where you might be making new friends and getting involved in different activities, but it can also a tough time since things are changing so fast. Teachers expect more from you than when you were in elementary school, you are meeting new people every day, and your stutter can sometimes be frustrating.

We hope that this page will help to inform you, explain how you can take control of your situation, and hopefully take some of the pressure off. Our goal is to help you connect with other people who are in middle school to let you know that you are not alone.

Stories, Videos, & Photos

Letting Go is our NSA newsletter for kids, teens, ‘tweens, and adults who stutter, as well as families, SLP’s, and anyone else who loves and supports someone who stutters. The articles are written by NSA members and staff who share their stories and experiences with the hope of helping and supporting others. Letting Go is available on-line, however if you wish to receive a hard copy please contact our National Office at

Check out two videos from middler-schooler Caden, as he talks about why it’s great to be a part of the NSA (left), and then presents his winning speech about stuttering to his entire middle school (right)!


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Stuttering at School

Advice for challenging situations

Cam fills us in on what it’s like to move and switch schools