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You’ve come to the right place! There are many ways that the NSA® can help you in your quest to communicate more easily and effectively. The NSA can help in finding you support. Explore some of the ways you can connect by visiting the links below.


Knowledge is key! Understanding the facts and myths about stuttering is a great way to support your ideas about what is happening during a stutter. The NSA website contains general information about stuttering as well as specific reports and surveys in the stuttering information section. Our NSA Online Store has brochures and self-help books for adults. You will also find helpful suggestions about how you can help your child improve his or her speech. Also be sure to check out our newsletter, Letting Go, to read stories from people who stutter of all ages, as well as parents, siblings, career professionals, and speech professionals.

Local Support Groups

The National Stuttering Association’s® motto, “If You Stutter, You Are Not Alone®,” is what our local support groups are all about! For many, NSA chapter meetings are the first time they have ever talked about stuttering with other people who stutter. Local support groups are a proven way to build self-confidence, practice speaking in a safe environment and explore new ways to cope with stuttering. If there is not one in your area, keep checking, as new groups are forming fast. If you are interested to start one, contact us and we can walk you through starting one in your area.

Annual Conference

You will also want to take advantage of our local workshops and annual conference. These events bring people who stutter together to share information, support, and strength; so that everybody can achieve their goals of fluent speech, as well as their lives in general. Truly, this is what the NSA is all about. Visit the Annual Conference of our website for more information on conferences both past and upcoming.

Facebook/Online Networking Groups

NSA’s social media offers great places for you to meet other people without having to leave your house. We have a Facebook Groups specifically for parents and another one for teens. This is a great way to talk to each other about tough issues or just talk to other people who know how you feel. You can also visit the main NSA facebook page.

Mailing List

Signing up to receive our emails will ensure you to stay connected to the latest and greatest happenings in the stuttering community. And don’t worry, we will never sell or rent your information, and we only send 1-2 emails per week at most.

Financial Contribution

The NSA is a non-profit organization. That means our very existence depends upon financial support from our members and other sources. Click here to make your tax-deductible donation to the NSA today!


Stuttering specialists are speech-language pathologists who have been recognized by the American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders (ABFFD) as having achieved advanced training and clinical skill for working with people who stutter and their families. A list of Board-Certified Specialists in Fluency Disorders (BCS-F) can be found at www.stutteringspecialists.org. If there is not one in your area, we might be able to connect you with one who is working toward this specialty.

Have Q’s?

We have people on staff as well as volunteers who can answer your questions. The teen advisory council can respond to teen issues while we have parents and SLPs also available to talk to, one on one. Feel free to ask us anything.

The NSA is here to help – If you stutter, you are not alone.