National Stuttering Association

SLPs And The NSA Annual Conference

Join the largest gathering of people who stutter at the National Stuttering Association’s Annual Conference. A life-changing event where people who stutter, their families, and professionals unite to focus on self-help, connection, and support. Imagine a space where experts include researchers, clinicians, and people of all ages who stutter, along with their supportive allies!


Our workshops are recommended for SLPs, teens, young adults, parents, etc. Workshops are scheduled beginning on Wednesday continuing through Saturday afternoon. Topics cover the evidence-based treatment approaches, and self-help strategies from those who stutter. Highlights include panel discussions with covert stutterers, roundtable discussions with spouses and parents of those who stutter, and strategies for approaching everything from job interviews to dating. General sessions feature inspiring keynote speakers and invited guests. These are times when we all gather in the spirit of support and celebration.

There will be a variety of opportunities for SLPs to attend workshops designed with their needs in mind and to earn ASHA CEUs during the Annual Conference. Roundtable discussions with teens and adults who stutter as well as the parents of children who stutter will allow the SLP to hear the personal stories of individuals who stutter and their families in a setting that encourages SLPs to ask questions. Many workshops led by leading SLPs will be offered throughout the conference. There will be a number of don’t-miss adult workshops and other educational and enlightening seminars.

Please Note: CEUs are available as an add-on ($30) to your conference registration.

2023 conference objectives for ASHA CEUS

At the completion of the NSA Conference, participants are able to:

  • Describe evidence-based practices for the treatment of stuttering across the lifespan
  • List examples of progress in stuttering self-help, support, and advocacy from around the world
  • Associate the difference between stuttering acceptance and stuttering pride.
For Speech Pathologists and Students

The NSA Conference is the largest gathering of people who stutter. It is a life-changing event where people who stutter, their families, and the professionals who help them gather to learn from one another with the focus on self-help and support.