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We are advancing both knowledge and understanding of stuttering through our support of research. As the largest stuttering support organization in North America, with access to large numbers of individuals and families affected by stuttering, the NSA® recognizes its unique potential for helping the research community.

Please review the NSA position statement on research for more details.

To that end, the NSA Research Committee was established to support scholarly stuttering research while taking a vested interest in the well‐being of the NSA and its members. The committee, which is composed of PhD‐trained researchers, speech‐language pathologists, and people who stutter, is charged with reviewing proposals submitted by researchers who are requesting access to the NSA and/or its membership for the purposes of research participant recruitment or applying for research funding.

Questions? Please send all inquiries to our NSARC Chair Angela Medina, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Angela@WeStutter.org), our Executive Director Tammy Flores (TFlores@WeStutter.org), and our Communications Coordinator Mandy Finstad (Mandy@WeStutter.org).

Interested in research recruitment?

Submissions to conduct research are reviewed in three cycles throughout the year:

Cycle 1: Applications are due by January 15th, and applicants receive a decision on or about February 15th.

Cycle 2: Applications are due by May 15th, and applicants receive a decision on or about June 15th.

Cycle 3: Applications are due by September 15th, and applicants receive a decision on or about October 15th.

Regardless of when applications are received, applications are only reviewed during these three cycles (for example, if a researcher submits an application to conduct research on December 1st, that application will be reviewed during Cycle 1, and the applicant will receive a decision on or about February 15th). Due to the volume of applications received, the NSARC no longer reviews applications on a rolling basis.

Please note that all applicants should be operating under an IRB within the U.S.

Interested in applying for funding?

The NSA offers two opportunities for research funding:

Graduate Student Research Award
Previously the NSA Research Fund Award, this $5000 award is presented annually, and seeks to provide funding for one research project in the area of stuttering treatment, stuttering assessment, or basic research in stuttering, with the intent of being used as start-up or support money for new or continuing research in the field of stuttering. The application deadline is March 15, 2024 5:00PM/ET

CASE Research Grant
The NSA CASE Research Grant is a $15,000 funding opportunity is designed to support research that will contribute to our knowledge about stuttering in the areas of Community, Advocacy, Support, and/or Education (CASE) as they relate to the NSA’s Mission. The application deadline is July 15, 2024 5:00PM/ET

Meet Our NSA Research Committee