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Resources For Speech-Language Pathologists

Welcome to the National Stuttering Association’s resources for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)! Our mission is to provide valuable resources and steadfast support to Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) who play a crucial role in the lives of people who stutter (PWS).

Addressing stuttering can be a complex task, and SLPs can sometimes feel unsure about their abilities to assist both children and adults who stutter. That’s where the NSA can help! We offer support groups, events, and educational resources specifically designed to empower SLPs with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively work with individuals who stutter.

Annual Conference

A diverse audience at a conference, with a focus on a smiling woman in the foreground wearing glasses, a denim jacket, and holding a camera. NSA attendees seated around her are listening attentively.Attend the NSA’s Annual Conference, a gathering of hundreds of people who stutter, their families, and SLPs. Immerse yourself in community, support, new information, encouragement, and fresh perspectives. SLPs also are encouraged to attend continuing education sessions and clinician-focused workshops to earn ASHA CEUs.

Professional Development

Access the latest information, studies, and insights to enrich your practice and elevate the quality of care you provide.

Research Collaboration

Stay at the forefront of stuttering research by collaborating with us! Contribute to and benefit from our ongoing research initiatives, shaping the future of stuttering intervention, support, and advocacy. Learn more about the NSA’s role in stuttering research.

Local Events

finding my way with the nsaFrom 1-Day Conferences, bowling events, and fundraisers to social events, the NSA hosts various local events throughout the year. These gatherings bring together PWS of all ages, their families, and SLPs for learning, support, and growth. Find an event near you!

Explore Local Chapters

Discover a thriving network of local support groups for adults, families, kids, and teens through NSA Chapters. SLPs are welcome at chapter meetings! These groups provide a platform for enhancing self-confidence, social connections, fresh perspectives on managing stuttering, and mutual empowerment. Find your local chapter today!

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At the National Stuttering Association, we are not just a community. We are a supportive network dedicated to lifting up the stuttering community. Join us in creating a world where everyone who stutters can communicate with confidence and embrace their unique voices.

Since 1977, the National Stuttering Association® (NSA) has partnered with speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to make the world brighter for people who stutter.

Stuttering is complicated and treating stuttering can be a challenging task. Many SLPs report they are not comfortable with their skills for helping children and adults who stutter. The NSA provides support groups, events, and education resources so SLPs can better help people manage stuttering.

NSA Local Chapters

The NSA nurtures a vibrant network of local support groups for adults, families, kids, and teens. These groups offer a platform to enhance self-confidence, connect socially, explore fresh perspectives on managing stuttering, and, above all, empower one another to reach their aspirations. Discover your local chapter today.

Annual Conference

The Annual NSA Conference brings together hundreds of people who stutter. Each day is filled with laughter, friendship, support, information, excitement, encouragement, motivation, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. The NSA encourages SLPs to attend the conference for continuing education sessions and clinician-focused workshops.

Research & Clinical Events

The Annual NSA Research & Clinical Events precede our Annual Conference, offering two knowledge-packed days. Renowned researchers and clinicians will delve into cutting-edge research, granting you ASHA CEUs and invaluable connections within the SLP community.

Local Events

The NSA puts on various local events throughout the year, from Amplify 1-Day Conferences to our Don’t Tell Me to ‘Slow Down’ 5Ks and film screenings, and so much more. These events bring together children and teens who stutter, their families, and speech-language pathologists for learning, support, and growth.

Helpful Resources

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