National Stuttering Association

All interested and qualified applicants for a Board of Directors “BOD” position should complete and submit the NSA Candidate Application (below) no later than March 15, 2024. Some travel is required. This is a volunteer position. 

Please note that the NSA Board of Directors is a working board, so applicants should expect to spend up to a minimum of 5-7 hours per week on various projects, including monthly conference calls and one in-person meeting during the Annual Conference requiring travel.

Current Nominations Committee members: Chad Mannisi, Dana Koprowski, and Holly Nover.

NSA Board of Directors Candidate Application

Board of Directors Candidate Application to be completed by candidates for the BOD of the NSA. Reviewed by the Nominations Committee.

  • Where do you work, what do you do for a living, how long have you been there and what is your current title?
  • Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on (business, civic, community, fraternal, political, professional, recreational, religious, social). Also, please outline other qualifications, leadership, and/or community involvement that will help the nominations committee as they consider your candidacy for the BOD.
  • Please outline your participation in the National Stuttering Association and/or other stuttering organizations.
  • Please tell us about your experience and how it relates to the position you are applying for.
  • The NSA is a non-profit organization that depends on donations for its existence and growth. As a member of the BOD you will be expected to support the organization financially in some capacity (by personal donation or through fundraising). It is also important to note that travel expenses to board meetings and to the annual conference are at your own expense.
  • Skills, experience, and interests (check all that apply)
  • In summary (brief form), let us know how you feel the National Stuttering Association would benefit from your involvement on the Board.