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Interviewing for a job is stressful for anyone. It can be even more stressful for people who stutter. The NSA® wants to help you gain experience and confidence going into your next job interview. You can also use this time to talk about the job search process.

The NSA offers free online job interview practice sessions to help you make a great impression. These online video interviews, via Zoom, will last about 30 minutes of interview time followed by feedback and discussion. People conducting the interviews stutter and are NSA volunteers.

Job Interview Advice

To help you ace your next interview, the NSA has developed a guide sharing helpful job interview tips. This guide was written by a person who stutters for people who stutter. You’ll learn how to prepare better, gain ideas on disclosing your stutter, and ways to answer common job interview questions. DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE (.pdf).


I have landed a job as a software development engineer with Amazon. I stuttered in all of my interviews and self-disclosed in every single one of them. The practice job interview session I did gave me extra confidence during all my interview with Amazon.” – Suyash J.

My mock interview experience has helped immensely. Being able to speak with Carl about my goals and objectives I want to achieve in the interview provided me with a much clearer focus on what I needed to improve.” – Kellen S.

The mock interview was a very positive interaction and priceless practice. I received great advice on when and how to disclose my stuttering in an interview.” – Brandon C.

As a person who stutters, I always feel anxious about interviews. Sometimes, even when I disclose my stuttering, I still believe it makes me incompetent for the job The mock interview was an opportunity for me to practice disclosing my stuttering. Pam’s supportive feedback during my session meant a lot to me. By the way, I did find a great job.” – Tracy W.

To schedule your practice job interview session, fill out the following form. (Expect a response within 48 hours.)

Practice Job Interview Scheduling Form

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WEBINAR | Job Interview Skills

In this webinar from Feb. 2019, you’ll learn strategies for building confidence, knowing and selling your strengths, and illustrating your ability to perform the job. Plus, you will hear advice will on when, where, and how to disclose stuttering during a job interview.

Job Interview Tips

To better prepare yourself for a real job interview or for your upcoming mock interview, learn practical job interview advice from people who stutter for people who stutter.