National Stuttering Association

As a parent, you may be concerned about the difficulties your child will experience with their stuttering, both socially and academically. You worry when your child has a play date with new kids. You worry when you put your child on the bus that first day. You may feel isolated with your concerns as your child embarks on new experiences. Remember:

‘“Your child is NOT broken; do not try to fix him.” These were some of the first words that I heard at our first NSA conference. What a relief! My son was okay….The message I heard, and have tried to live by, is that there is much to be celebrated in the life of any child and that there are challenges to be met, accepted, explored and developed to bring that child to the full experience of their being.’
-NSA Parent


You have a wonderful young person to guide and nourish through the child and adolescent years. The NSA® is here to be a source of support, education, information for both you and your child. The NSA supports children, young adults, and parents through the myriad of challenges that you may encounter. We are here for you; you are NOT ALONE!

The NSA is Here to Help

One of the benefits of being involved in the NSA is that you and your child will be exposed both to adults and to peers who have achieved professional and academic success in spite of – and in some cases because – they are people who stutter (PWS). The NSA is comprised of PWS who demonstrate daily that living a successful, fulfilling, and happy life is the norm, not the exception, regardless of their speech. For more information and ways to get involved, contact our Family Programs Co-Chairs Holly Nover and Annemarie Whitesel.

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