National Stuttering Association


  • The TAC shall be made up of no fewer than 7 members and no more than 10 members.
  • TAC candidates will be interviewed and selected each year, or as positions are available, by the TAC Committee Chair and TAC members, in conjunction with the NSA Events and Outreach Coordinator.
  • TAC candidates must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Candidates must have attended at least one conference in person to serve on TAC.
  • TAC candidates should be prepared to demonstrate leadership experience in their community, school, or other affiliations.
  • TAC members serve at the discretion of the Executive Director and Events and Outreach Coordinator.
  • TAC members that do not actively fulfill their role may be asked by the Executive Director, Events and Outreach Coordinator or TAC Committee Chair to resign from the Teen Advisory Council.
  • TAC members must agree to join the NSA Teens Facebook page and NSA Teens Instagram page. It is the responsibility of the TAC members to regularly post and respond to their peers’ posts and comments in a supportive and timely manner.
  • TAC members must agree to join the NSA Teen Advisory Council Slack channel.
  • TAC members must agree to be diligent in reading and responding to correspondence (Slack, email, and social media) from the Executive Director, Events and Outreach Coordinator, TAC Committee Chair, other TAC members, and the those in the stuttering community in a timely manner (no more than 2 business days).
  • If a TAC member does not honor their commitment to the NSA and TAC, they may be put on probation or asked for their resignation.


  • Serve as liaison for NSA internet groups (e.g.: participate within groups when related to TAC or teen events)
  • Remain active on the NSA Teens Facebook and NSA Teens Instagram pages.
  • Participate in and host NSA Teen Talks.
  • Liaison with Executive Director and Events and Outreach Coordinator as needed.
  • Serve as mentors to NSA Kids, tweens, and teens.
  • Engage with and be available to the general NSA and NSA Family Programs community. Through your actions, showcase the strong leadership and mentorship aspects of the TAC.
  • Attend all Annual Conferences during your term. (Exceptions to this rule may be granted for good cause if demonstrated by the TAC member.)
  • Act as a role model for NSA kids, ‘tweens, and teens. Exemplary conduct is expected while at the Annual Conference or while attending any NSA event.
  • At the conference, be aware of your surroundings, refrain from inappropriate language and conversational content, and model positive behavior your peers and younger attendees will strive to emulate.

Conference Tasks:

  • Each TAC member will develop at least one workshop to be presented at the conference and will submit their workshop by the deadline specified by the Conference Planning Committee.
  • Liaison with the Event and Outreach Coordinator regarding workshop scheduling.
  • Provide input regarding activities and workshops for teens/tweens/kids who stutter.
  • TAC will lead a teen 1st Timer Social/Mixer on the 1st day of conference.
  • Coordinate and actively participate in Meet the TAC workshop for tweens, teens, and parents.
  • Each TAC member is expected to volunteer in one kid’s workshop each day.
  • TAC members will attend all scheduled teen workshops, arrive on time and be ready to participate.
  • TAC members should encourage teens, tweens, and kids to attend workshops and be on the lookout for attendees that might be struggling to find their place.

TAC Committee Chair

  • The TAC Committee Chair must be 18 – 20 years old and have served on the TAC for a minimum of 1 year.
  • The TAC Committee Chair is elected by the TAC and shall serve a 2-year term.
  • The TAC Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing the TAC and all teen functions of the NSA for and at the conference such as workshop development and presentation, and peer relations and mentoring. Additionally, they are responsible for facilitating TAC outreach initiatives throughout the year.


Chain of Command

  • Events and Outreach Coordinator
  • TAC Committee Chair
  • TAC Members