National Stuttering Association


One of our Portland Adult NSA Chapter members, Jonah Otis, was recently recognized by the CEO of his company, Paypal, for being a strong voice for people who stutter and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment at his workplace for International Persons with Disabilities Day.

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman states, ‘Creating a safe workplace for members of the PayPal community is central to our value of inclusion. This International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I’m recognizing Opportunity, our employee resource group which works to enable the people of PayPal, their families and their community to thrive financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. Dedicated members of Opportunity, like Jonah Otis, who supports the Global Opportunity Steering Committee, have led our efforts towards fostering a supportive environment. As a person who stutters, Jonah and many others like him have found purpose in helping others. Together, they inspire, educate and bring much needed awareness to the vast array of challenges many of us face every day. Thank you for empowering us all through your incredible resolve!’

Congratulations, Jonah!

Read the full piece at PayPal.com