National Stuttering Association

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Resources for Toddlers & Kids

Sometimes being a kid who stutters can feel lonely. The NSA® is here to let you know that you are not alone! There are approximately 3 million people who stutter living in the United States. Although you may not know very many people who stutter (maybe you’ve never met even one other person who stutters!), they are out there, and they have experienced many of the same feelings and challenges you are experiencing right now and they are ready to help!

Learn About Stuttering

Being a kid who stutters can be challenging and difficult sometimes. Stuttering is one of those things that not many people understand. You can learn more about stuttering and help other people understand it better, too. Follow the links to become a stuttering “expert” and how to handle difficult situations.

Games & Activities

Print off these activities and share with your parents, siblings, and friends, or complete them with your speech-language pathologist!

Stuttering Crossword Puzzle
Created by Sarah Onofri

Advertising Challenge
Created by Sarah Onofri

NSA Kids True or False
Created by Sarah D’Agostino

NSA Kids Matching Game
Created by Sarah Onofri

Stuttering Word Search
Created by Sarah Onofri

Stuttering Website Scavenger Hunt
Created by Sarah Onofri

Finish That Sentence!
Created by Sarah Onofri and Sarah D’Agostino

Join a Chapter. Attend an Event.

The NSA hosts a variety of events throughout the year and across the country, including our Local Chapter meetings, Annual Conference, and Family Fun Days.  These events bring together children and teens who stutter, their families, and speech-language pathologists for learning, support, and growth in a safe, fun environment.