National Stuttering Association

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The NSA’s Teen Advisory Council had the pleasure of sitting down with 14-year-old Levi and his mother, Kim, this week. Earlier this fall, Levi celebrated his bar mitzvah, and chose the NSA to pursue A mitzvah, a “good deed” project is typically a tradition that mitzvahs are involved in.

Levi is an avid YouTuber and chose to create an amazing video announcing his passion for helping others who stutter. In addition, he has donated $1,800 specifically to support Family Programming through the NSA!

We’re incredibly grateful to Levi and his family for supporting kids and teens like him who stutter to attend various events hosted by the NSA in 2023. Our community is stronger with people like Levi and Kim by our side, and we’re appreciative of Levi’s generous donation and big heart!

Check out Levi’s YouTube channel to learn more!